Summer Adventures in Spanish

Native Language College believes that summer is the best season for adventure. For this reason, we offer a two-week package program with general Spanish, activities, and trips.

Our Camp provides the total summer experiences for students between 12 and 22 years old.

We focus on a complete linguistic and cultural immersion that builds confidence, facilitating the integration and enrichment of different cultures.

You can choose to live with a host family with half board or to stay in one of our accommodations.

You will develop different skills through painting workshops, theatre, creative writings, and short film making.

Sports activities, sightseeing trips around Madrid, museum outings, tapas tours, and many more activities are all designed to encourage interaction.

On the weekends there will be tours to different cities in Spain. Do you have any suggestions? We’d love to hear them!

Choose the period that suits you best:

First half of August (from 1 to 15 August)

Second half of August (from 15 to 31 August)

We customize the program to meet your needs, just ask us and we will be happy to organize your dreamy summer!