A tailor-made Spanish Course

Learn Spanish Intensively

15h (+ 5h)

NLC Madrid’s intensive course is designed for those who want to dedicate themselves to learning Spanish as a main activity during their stay in Madrid. It is a complete immersion in the Spanish language and culture.

It is the course that fulfils the right characteristics to master the Spanish language and for those who want to stay in Spain for a long time and need a study visa.

Profile – NLC

Student Profile

Our intensive course is developed for those who are really committed to learning Spanish and want to immerse themselves in Spanish life. Not only will you learn Spanish but you will experience Spanish culture.

Benefits – NLC


Our classes focus on developing your communication skills. At all times you will be encouraged and supported in your use of the Spanish language. You will learn in a wide variety of contexts and develop the main skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening. With this course you will be able to achieve your personal goals, such as the SIELE certification (International Recognition that Certifies the degree of competence in the Spanish language)

Course Details


15h + 5 hours per week

Duration of classes:

3h per day (10 min. recreation)

+ 1h of Extracurricular Class

Small groups

The levels


Start date

every Monday

Minimum age


* Because the NLC Madrid school is a centre accredited by SIELE, you can take your exam with us.