Spanish Course for Healthcare Personnel

Get the necessary skills to specialize in Hair Transplantation and Medicine or emergencies and emergencies in Europe, adapted to the current EU regulations, while learning Spanish in one of the best Spanish Schools in Madrid.

Price of the program: From 2,000€

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IMS International Medical School, has agreements with the most prestigious Spanish universities, the Cervantes Institute and training institutes, and the confirmed skills of its high quality teaching staff of those institutes’ academic level.


Within the high competition of these sectors, the most qualified experts have access to the greatest benefits

Specialised in the high level training of professionals in the medical sector with more of responsibility and current and future prospects:

Hair Implants

Aesthetic Medicine

Plastic Surgery

Dental Anatomy and Pathology

Infectious Diseases


Emergency Medicine and Urgent Care

The possibility to immediately access the labour market. The training program includes complete solutions in all areas

International Medical School Guarantees the high level training of professionals in the sector. 93% access the labour market before the end of the programme. Our international prospects offer professional possibilities within the most prestigious Institutes in the world.


The theoretical and practical training necessary in the development of skills for care in this field of aesthetic medicine, as well as emergency medicine and urgent care.

Obtain the necessary skills to specialise in Hair Transplantation and Medicine or Emergency Medicine in Europe, in accordance with current regulations in the EU

All inclusive – FULL PACK: Language course + theoretical course + practical work

On-line: accessible from all over the world

The best equipped classrooms

Real practical surgeries with 41 hours of practice in the operating room!

Job board: We help you find a job. 98% of students find work.