Through this program you will be able to immerse yourself in the Spanish culture and grow both personally and professionally in the capital of Spain.


3 teams, 2 divisions,
Visa support

3 month program
/ 6 months / 12 months

Course of 20 hours
per week

At least 3 training sessions / week

NLCOLLEGE facilitates your integration by offering you the opportunity to play soccer while learning or improving your Spanish skills.

Come to Spain to practice soccer and improve your language skills!
Boost your career and integrate into the culture by learning with locals on and off the field.

For a group or special period, please contact us!

Objective of the exchange programme

  • Develop students’ sports skills: practice your favourite sport and enjoy a healthy activity while learning Spanish.
  • Personal and professional growth: an unbeatable opportunity to boost your career and integrate into the culture by learning with natives on and off the field
  • Immersion in Spanish culture: immerse yourself in Spanish culture by putting your language skills into practice and improving them.

Why participate in the programme?

  • Spain is considered one of the leading countries in football

In Spain football is the most popular sport and, without a doubt, Spanish football teams such as Real Madrid or Barca, are internationally recognised, with thousands of followers around the world.

  • To learn and improve the Spanish language with native peers

Practicing your favourite sport can become the best excuse to learn and perfect a language. Improving your Spanish while befriending your teammates is a fun way to improve your level of Spanish.

  • Share a team with great players and professional coaches

Teams are made up of high-level players and professional coaches to improve your sports performance while practicing the language.

Sports requirements

  • Be over 18 years of age
  • Highly competitive character
  • Performance of technical skills

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