Terms and


  • The course only will reserved after the payment is completed.
  • Before starting the course, the students will be obliged to complete a Spanish placement test in order to determine the student’s level. If the student does not complete the test, the student will not be able to attend the language course. When the student accepts the offer from Native Language College (via the payment of the corresponding fee which will be established at the time of the initial application) the student enters a contract with Native Language College for the duration of the course in which the payments have been completed. This duration period is indicated in the course letter of registration, wherein the start and end dates of the course are specified.
  • If unexpected circumstances arise, the time schedule of the students has the possibility to change under the duration of the course. We will make all the possible efforts to avoid the aforementioned situation; however, in the case that it will be necessary, Native Language College would not be responsible in any circumstance. Therefore, no compensation or form of reimbursement would be given in such instances.
  • Native Language reserves the right to suspend or expel any student if they do not comply accordingly to the requirements set by the school. It is also applicable if the student exhibits bad behavior and/or negative conduct. In both cases, the student will not receive a refund or any form of reimbursement for the course.
  • In the case that the student makes a deposit to reserve the course, the student will not be reimbursed, if the total amount of the course has not been paid before the scheduled start date.

Punctuality, Attendance, Absence, and Expulsion

  • All the students must complete a total of 80% attendance during the duration of their course. In each class, the Administration Department facilitates an attendance sheet where the students must sign twice, in order to keep track of their attendance. We do not tolerate students being late and any student that arrives more than 15 minutes after the class has started will be required to wait until the class break to join the class. The students that are registered as “Not attended” can be asked to present a letter from the doctor or other forms to justify their absence. If one student is incapable to complete a course with 80% attendance, the student will not qualify to receive the end course certificate.
  • In any circumstance where a student cannot attend their classes for any reason, the student must inform the school via email. In addition, the school will require a written confirmation listing the reasons for absence which must be sent in a timely manner. No reimbursement will be made if the reasons are unrelated to the Native Language College.

Vacations and breaks

  • All the students of Native Language College will receive two weeks of vacation during Christmas, and one week during Easter. Other vacations are permitted for the duration of one week; however, the student needs to give three weeks notice to the administration via application form. If the vacation is granted, it will be so on the terms of the school.
  • For courses less than three months, the students can receive one week of vacations; however, the student must give one-week notice.
  • For national days marked in the official calendar (such as bank holidays) the school will be closed and classes will not be held.


  • The level exams during the program are obligatory for all the students of Native Language College and will determine if a student is able to advance or not. This is clearly communicated to the students when they purchase the course.
  • If the the student does not attend the obligatory exams, they can be expelled from the school and for that reason he/she will not receive the course certificate. In some cases, this can effect a student’s ability to renew their Visa, or residency permit.

Photographs and Videos

  • By accepting the terms and conditions, the students accept that photos and video material of events or classes can be used for promotional reasons.

Cancelation, termination, registration, and refunds

Reasons for a partial or total refund:

  • a. If your Visa application has been denied. Any application to receive a refund must be written and accompanied with a copy of your passport and the letter of the visa rejection. Any visa rejection letters will be analyzed by the director of Native Language College in order to evaluate a refund.
  • b. Sickness or suffered disability after the student has confirmed a course with Native Language College. In case of such circumstances, it is necessary to show a medical certificate in order to evaluate a refund.
  • c. If a student changes their decision to study at Native Language College after they have completed registration, the school’s director will evaluate the reasons and possible amount to be refunded.
  • d. Once the course has started no amount will be refunded, nor can the remaining time of the course be transferred to someone else, nor can we change/extend the course times.
  • e. Please have in mind that the amount of administration fees for refunds are €300. The administration fees along with any extra services provided such as health insurance, or accommodation with not be refundable. These services can be dependent on the duration of the course period.
  • f. If a refund is desired, an application must be made via email. The period to start the refund process is between 10 and 12 weeks and will be charged the way that the payment was made to the school, that is to say, either with one total payment or via installments.

Level Exam and Certificate

  • Native Language College can not guarantee that students will study in the morning or in the afternoon. The students will be placed in classes depending on their level and the dispensability of each level.
  • The certificates of Native Language College are given only to students that have complied with the regulations of minimum 80% attendance level. See above for attendance conditions.

Registration and Payment

  • The certification of payment is obtained once the course the student is registered for is paid in full.


* NLC reserve the right to modify the terms and conditions without prior notice.