Student advisor

Our main value is that we consider that we are part of the student’s family once the student comes into contact with the school, and therefore we want to facilitate in every possible way, the best linguistic stay through a Global Assessment.

Since the student comes in touch with us, NLC is committed to providing the student with EVERYTHING he or she needs and that is accessible to us.
Another highlight of the Student Advisor service is that it is carried out for a multitude of nationalities (Brazilian, Chinese, Japanese, French, Algerian, American, etc).
In addition, it is promoted in the student’s native language so that all the information is perfectly understood and in this way the student feels more comfortable and closer to the school. The languages spoken at NLC range from English, Portuguese, Chinese, to Japanese, French, Arabic, Berber.

What does this service include?
Management of the registration process for the desired course.
Personalised advice on visa procedures.
Management of accommodation procedures if you are contracted with us. If not, you will be informed of other accommodation options.
Management of health insurance procedures.
Information on procedures to be followed at the school
Work Permit Information
Information about NIE.
Information on Registration.
Information on renewals.
And much more…

In summary, our aim is to make our advisors the student’s trusted person, through whom he or she can obtain as much information as possible by means of global advice in order to perform in the best possible way during his or her stay at the NLC.

Price: Free

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