Native Language College' Staff

The Native Language College staff is dedicated, enthusiastic and professionally committed to all of the students. You will quickly discover that Native Language College’s staff has the success of the students in their hearts.



Managing Director

Daniel has worked for many years in the world of educational management and knows what the student needs. That's why his mission will be to strive every day to improve the quality and services of the school. Making Native Language College the best choice to open the doors of your future. We look forward to adding you to our growing student community and welcoming you to the family!



HR/Administration Manager

Vanina has a lot of experience in administrative and HR department. Their extensive knowledge and experience in developing good interpersonal relationships with people ensure that students receive excellent and personalize attention during their stay at our school. She will be available for all your doubts, help and advice you need during your Spanish life.

Francisco Javier


Javier is a social person, who loves meeting people wherever he goes. He has taken advantage of every opportunity he has had to travel abroad and be able not only to improve the language, but also to broaden his horizons. Before coming to NLC he has spent 6 months living and working in London. ``I have developed an understanding and communicative ability for those who need to solve a problem, thanks to my studies and experiences abroad as I have done in Spain. So don't hesitate to ask whatever you need``.
He enjoys reading personal construction and always tries to keep up to date with the latest developments in the professional field.

``I'm a bit of a geek and I love scientific advances, even though these are sometimes beyond my comprehension. Knowledge in general is my passion.
I consider myself ambitious and in the future I would love to create my own projects and manage my own team. Visiting new countries is the cure for intolerance and ignorance``.



Raquel has a degree in Management Secretariat, she has worked in Administration, and discovered her real vocation. She has always been linked to numbers and invoices, but since joining the NLC team, she has discovered how much she loves the work she does and how rewarding it is.

``I do my administrative work from the reception desk and I really like being able to interact with the students and help them with whatever they need``.

She enjoys reading, listening to music, dancing, walking and enjoying every moment of the day with the best of her smiles.



Academic Coordinator and Spanish Teacher

Fernando is from Madrid and one of his greatest passions are languages: he speaks French, Portuguese, Italian, Greek, and English. It was in his linguistic-cultural immersion courses in these countries that he discovered his teaching vocation and decided to become an ELE teacher. In addition to his master's degree in teaching Spanish as a second language, he continues to study at the Cervantes Institute (e.g. to use their AVE Global virtual materials), and at the university, through congresses. By officially certifying the languages he speaks he also obtained a qualification to prepare students for the official Spanish exams SIELE and DELE.

Another of his passions is art and culture in general. In his spare time he likes to swim, paint, play the violin, travel, go out with his friends, cultural activities of all kinds, read, enjoy the city, nature and the sea, and get to know other languages and their cultures.

``Madrid is a very diverse city, there are many people with whom to practice Spanish, and the inhabitants are very welcoming, they interact easily. We have great weather, a rich gastronomy, a broad cultural offer, large urban parks, and the nature and mountains close. The nightlife here is incredible, you can go out every day! What more reasons do you need to come? ``


Spanish Teacher

Isabel is a Spanish teacher, passionate about teaching. She likes this profession because she believes that teaching is learning to listen and also, teaching a language is opening up to a thousand ways of interpreting the world.

Her long experience as a teacher has allowed her to know different educational, academic and cultural environments and all of this has made her see that the development of a lifetime in the field of teaching Spanish is, without a doubt, her vocation.

``I discovered this vocation many years ago, when I left for France as a language assistant, after graduating in French philology. That's where my interest in teaching Spanish was aroused, and since then my passion has been teaching Spanish to foreigners, and where better than in Madrid, in the Puerta del Sol? Come and meet us, we are going to surprise you``.


Spanish Teacher

After graduating in Philosophy at the University of Madrid and obtaining an ELE teaching certificate at the Cervantes Institute, he has spent years teaching Spanish in different European countries: as a private teacher in Siena (Italy) and Cork (Ireland) and at public schools in Vienna (Austria).
Traveling, closely experiencing the cultures of other countries, and learning their languages has always been a source of inspiration for him, both personally and when it comes to understanding the learning and teaching of languages.
“If reading, history and art are my favorite hobbies, it is no less a good conversation about the day to day, about life, about us. Now back in Madrid, I'm waiting for you here, at NLC, to share with you my enthusiasm and everything I've learned in this time. And of course also to learn from you!``


Spanish Teacher

Julia has been teaching Spanish for more than 25 years in different schools and academies in the sector, after graduating as an E.G.B. teacher in Escuni from the Complutense University of Madrid and training as a technician in the teaching of Spanish to foreigners, obtaining a certificate from CETECAM.

The Spanish language has always been her favourite subject, from an early age. She has given private classes to Spanish kids on weekends while studying at ESCUNI, not only of language studies, also of all subjects. But it was the fact of giving classes to foreign children with school failure due to lack of knowledge of the language that reaffirmed her vocation: to be communicator.

She has many hobbies: she likes travelling and getting to know other cultures, reading (poetry, philosophy, history...), going to the cinema and theatre, swimming, dancing, wine tasting, national and international gastronomy, flamenco and a large etcetera.

``I believe that teaching Spanish to foreigners is a continuous exchange of cultural experiences, very enriching for everyone``.


Teacher of Business Management and IR

Born in Barcelona, although he has lived in Madrid for years. He studied a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at the International University of Catalonia and is currently completing an MBA. He is the seventh of twelve siblings and is married with four children.

“I have been working for many years in the world of strategic consulting, helping companies in the integral management, giving much importance to training at any level, from top management to basic personnel and, in general, I advised on all matters related to business operations.”

Parallel to the world of consulting, he has been working in different schools of business as an Academic Coordinator, an Admissions Coordinator and as the Head of Creation of New Programs.

“I am passionate about the world of education, dealing with students and helping them when they ask me. Therefore, in the Business Management and International Relations Course we work together to get to know the business world from different points of view, from the point of view of an entrepreneur and from the point of view of a person who works in a company. As it is a very practical course, students see real or fictitious situations that occur in companies on a daily basis, and together we look for the most appropriate solution to the problem at hand.”

He loves music, country bikes-especially if they are old, and spending time with his family and friends.

Marketing Team

North Africa



Yudas is originally Kabyle from Algeria, he has a BA degree in public relations and communication from University of Bouira, and he studied Master 1 specializing in mass media at University of Tizi Ouzou
He's only 25 years old and he speaks Tamazight, Arabic, English, French and Algerian sign language in addition to Spanish that he studied at NLCollege :

`` Thanks to NLCollege, what an amazing experience i have at the school, and i am still enjoying every second of it helping students to come to Spain and chase their dreams guiding them in their new life experience that will pave them the way for their successful development, and like i am always saying, if i am not making someone else's life better then i am wasting my time ``.

One of his greatest passion is making change in the world to make it a better place for everyone, helping people with his wisdom, knowledge and experience is what makes him satisfied.
`` The world can't change by itself only if each one of us makes himself a better person for all the world ``.

He's in love with humanity and his heart is big and the doors are always open, he loves philosophy, biology, origins sciences, linguistics and getting to know new cultures from all around the world.

Germany & The Netherlands

USA & Scandinavia



Carlotta is originally from Germany but has been studying International Communication and Media in the Netherlands for the last three years and lived in Cape Town and San Francisco before. While doing an Erasmus semester in Madrid she fell in love with this vibrant city, its warm-hearted and easygoing people, who are always ready to help, and the Spanish joy of living.
She came here without speaking a word of Spanish and was still immediately welcomed by the loving Madrilenians. Therefore she feels so grateful and wants to encourage everyone interested in learning this beautiful language to come to Madrid and experience the Spanish way of life!
“At NLC I will do my best to make your transition into the new culture as smooth as possible and I am here to help you with any questions or doubts. My passion is dancing, so if you are looking for a good class or want to know about events, don’t hesitate to contact me.”



Nicole’s work is focused on the US-American and Scandinavian market. Originally from Oregon, she has spent seven years living, studying and working in Norway, and has recently moved to Spain to experience a new culture and learn a third language. She studies political sciences related to the labor market and came to Madrid for an Erasmus semester. She enjoys traveling, trying new food, and spending time with her friends.
“I really enjoy helping students to come to Spain and guiding them in their new cultural and linguistic experiences that will accompany them for the rest of their lives.”




Sakura is from Tokyo, Japan. She loves travelling and getting to know new cultures from around the world. Thanks to this curiosity she lived and studied in Vancouver, New Zealand, and Australia. When she returned to Japan she worked in the marketing and sales department of a language school.
Sakura initially came to Spain to visit friends and immediately fell in love with the culture, people and language. She started studying Spanish in Salamanca, then in Alicante, and is now continuing to perfect her language skills in Madrid.
Sakura enjoys learning Spanish a lot and wants to transmit this experience to others. “It’s great to help and encourage people interested in studying Spanish to come here. Madrid is a big and wonderful city with many places to explore. Join me to enjoy the life in Madrid!”

Communication Team


Team leader Communication Department

Rommy is from Uruguay and one of her passions is travelling and telling stories. She studied Social Communication in her country, and has pending the completion of her degree in Psychology. She continues her training in creative writing, digital marketing and conferences that are linked to development and international cooperation.

Before arriving in Spain, she lived more than 3 years in Ireland and has travelled through Latin America, Europe and Africa. ``To live the everyday, to share a chat, a meal and to let myself be carried by the things the day proposes are my favourite situations when I travel. Let me go through the beauty of the simple``.

Among her highlights are leading: host on public television in Uruguay, coordinating projects at Blue Sky School in Tanzania and reporting on historical events in Chile, Argentina, Dubai, Russia, France, Germany and Ireland for mass media in Latin America.

Another of her passions is photography, art, culture in general, and nature.

When asked why Madrid, ``It's hard to describe what this city does to me, I'd say it's something very similar to happiness``.



Born in Madrid, half Navarro and half Portuguese. He studied from the beginning degrees related to art, drawing and 3D design. He has grown up and lived in Madrid all his life and loves his city.Cheerful and talkative, lover of cats and Japanese culture. He would like to learn several languages, including Japanese and Russian. Despite not having lived outside Spain, he has visited s many countries and his desire would be to know all of Asia. Passionate about various sports, no doubt football is his greatest passion, he is currently playing in federated teams.
He has been working for more than a year at NLC in the communication team. He is in charge of the website and is developing his skills as a graphic designer to gain more experience for the future. ``It's great to have the NLC team, I love the good atmosphere the company has in general. I like that there are people from all countries``.