NLC Spanish program with company internships

Don’t think twice and get in touch with the NLC Madrid team to find out all the details. Here you can find a brief summary.

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What is the combined Spanish and company internship program?

NLC’s combined Spanish course and internship programme offers foreign students the possibility to access the Spanish labour market in order to gain the necessary experience to improve their CV and access new opportunities in future job offers.

This programme is an exceptional option for foreigner university students who decide that they want to gain previous work experience that expands their job opportunities.

The internships in companies will be carried out in Madrid, or in any other city in Spain via our personalised online tracking system that allows us to carry out the necessary tutorials remotely. In is undoubtedly a golden opportunity to put into practice what you learned during the Spanish course and to improve, wherever possible, your level of this language.

At NLC Madrid we believe that the search for internships is part of the enriching experience of the student during their exchange. Therefore, the students will be in charge of looking for companies to carry out the internships. Although in some cases, NLC will publish the vacancies of its collaborating companies so that interested students can apply for these positions.

However, if you want NLC to find you the companies to carry out the internships, you just have to contact us and our professional development department, specialized in Human Resources, will guide you based on your needs and previous training.

Duration and schedule of the program

The duration of the program consists of a course period equal to or greater than 24 intensive weeks.

The practice schedule will always be determined by the course schedule, and may be morning or afternoon.

Requirements for professional internships in Spain

However, we recommend that you take a look at the requirements for students who want to do an internship. Although here we leave a brief description for you to take into account:

  • Minimum age must be 18 years
  • Students must have a basic command of Spanish
  • Students must have a legal agreement signed by the school
  • Students must have adequate insurance to protect against occupational hazards.

Once you finish your training and internship period, you will receive a professional certificate that will certify your internship and the level of Spanish you have achieved.