First Contact with Spanish

Beginner’s Spanish Classes

At NLC Madrid we are dedicated to facilitating access to the Spanish language, so we have designed a First Contact with Spanish course for those who have never studied the language before. It is an agile and survival course to get by in basic situations.

We are the only Spanish school that offers this exclusive course of Initiation to Spanish.

Student profile

This course is designed for absolute beginners, who have not previously had any contact with Spanish and who either want to obtain some basic knowledge to be able to get by in daily life, or who intend to begin a more lasting process of Spanish study but their lack of knowledge prevents them from joining an A1 level when it is already in progress.


They will receive, in this intensive 2-week course, the basic tools to introduce them to everyday life. And if the purpose is to join an A1 group, they will be able to do it easily wherever they are.

This course is designed for the student who needs it, of any nationality, to achieve a quick insertion to the basics of a language.

Course Details

2 weeks

Number of hours per week:
20 hours (15 + 5)

3 hs daily (10 min. break), from Monday to Friday, plus 5 hours of act. extra

Small groups:
between 3 and 7 students

Start date:
every Monday

Minimum age:

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