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CCSE exam

At NLC Madrid, from now on, you will be able to prepare and take the CCSE (Constitutional and Sociocultural Knowledge of Spain) exam, a mandatory certification to obtain Spanish nationality for residents in Spain and for Sephardim originating in Spain, through which knowledge of the Constitution, the administrative and territorial organization of Spain, as well as the Spanish culture, history and social reality.

This test lasts 45 minutes and consists of two sections divided into 5 tasks and 25 questions. And you can do it at our NLC Madrid center after registering for it. In addition, you will have 3 opportunities before having to pay a new registration fee.

At NLC we prepare you so that you can carry out this evaluation successfully and obtain your nationality without any problem.

Preparation for obtaining Spanish nationality

Examen CCSE Nacionalidad Española

After having lived in Spain for 10 years, (or earlier in some exceptions) it is possible to apply for Spanish citizenship or nationality.

In order to be eligible for nationality, other documents and requirements must also be met, including two different citizenship tests.

These tests are the DELE A2 exam and a cultural test called CCSE.

At NLC we prepare you for both tests and, in addition, you can take the exams for both in our own facilities