Preventive measures to reduce the risk
of COVID-19

  1. Avoid taking the elevator as much as possible.
  2. If used, a maximum of two people with mandatory mask, with the maximum possible separation and one with his/her back to the other.
  3. Incentivize the use of unused stairways.
    of the handrail, following the directional arrows on the
  4. Access to the school will always be with a mandatory mask.
  5. Avoid greetings and closeness within 1 meter.
  6. The access doors will always be open.
  7. Do not forget to wipe the mat disinfectant when you enter the school.
  8. Once at the school, follow the one-way signs (on the ground) at all times to avoid crossings.
  9. Consciously use the disinfectant gel.
  10. Both before entering the classroom and during breaks and at the end, maintain hand hygiene.
  11. Avoid group meetings in hallways. We recommend that breaks be taken outside the school to avoid crowds and contact.
  12. Respect distancing measures implemented in waiting rooms and other rooms, such as the dining room, computer room, etc.
  • Computer room: 3 people maximum at the same time, respecting arrival times.
  • Dining room: 3 people maximum at the same time, keeping the distance.
  • Vending machines: respect the arrival time, keeping your distance.
  1. To go to reception, follow the directions on the floor and from the staff, respecting the turns and if there is more than one person waiting, the line should be in the hallway (instead of at the entrance).
  2. At the slightest symptom, report it to the teacher immediately.
  3. Access and exit the classroom one at a time, maintaining distancing measures.
  4. Inside the classroom, follow the teacher’s directions. For example:
  • Do not share writing instruments, notebooks, or any school supplies.
  • Respect the organizational measures for seating and maintaining the order of arrival and departure.
  1. For the use of vending machines, keep the safety distance and once used, disinfect with spray.
  2. The coffee & snack area will be closed and no food will be served.
  3. However, the microwave may be used, and must be disinfected with a spray, once used.
  4. To use the restrooms, a maximum of two people at a time. The rest must wait outside keeping a safe distance.
  5. Maintain good ventilation in classrooms and offices with open windows and doors whenever possible.
  6. The schedules of some courses will be slightly modified to avoid overlapping at the same time in the common areas.