In addition to studying Spanish, the au pair program allows NLCollege students to live with a Spanish host family, learning even more about the language, while earning some extra money.

Working as an au pair is a great experience to be immersed in a native family. We offer various work programs so that the students themselves can decide the amount of hours and the tasks they will be responsible for. In addition to au pairing, we offer other opportunities for students to personalize their own experience while studying Spanish such as our Language Immersion Program.

Below are the three options you can choose from in addition to studying Spanish. Our au pair programs are facilitated through a partnership with Family & Au Pair, one of the leading au pair organizations in the country with years of experience in placing au pairs from all over the world with host families in Spain. Once you register with us, we will arrange interviews with several families to make sure we find the right match for you.


Standard Au Pair

5-6 hours per day
(25-30 hours per week)

Receive a minimum of
70€ per week

Semi Au Pair / Au Pair Tutor

3-4 hours per day
(Maximum 20 hours per week),
for Spanish classes.

Receive a minimum of .
60€ per week.

Does not require overnight hours.

Au Pair Plus

7-8 hours per day
(35-40 hours per week, maximum hours worked 30)

Receive a minimum of
80/90€ per week.

and a transportation subsidy.

: 50 euros, plus course. Minimum stay of 3 months.

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