Native Language College' Staff

The Native Language College staff with dedication and enthusiasm is professionally committed to all of its students. You will quickly discover that Native Language College’s staff has at their heart the success of the student.


Daniel Escorial

Managing Director

Daniel has worked for many years in the world of educational management and knows what the student needs. That's why his mission will be to strive every day to improve the quality and services of the school. Making Native Language College the best choice to open the doors of your future. We look forward to adding you to our growing student community and welcoming you to the family!


Vanina Iriondo

HR/Administration Manager

Vanina has a lot of experience in administrative and HR department. Their extensive knowledge and experience in developing good interpersonal relationships with people ensure that students receive excellent and personalize attention during their stay at our school. She will be available for all your doubts, help and advice you need during your Spanish life.


Natalia Palacios

Spanish Teacher

I am a pedagogue specialized in social issues and am trained in the application of different education methods designed to best suit the needs of the students’.

I have ten years of experience teaching a variety of classes at all levels; one-on-one, smalls groups, and large lectures. I really enjoy interacting with the students and taking part in their experiences during their stay here. In addition, my hobbies are reading, walking around Madrid, and traveling everywhere from the biggest cities to small, hidden villages.

Fernando Sánchez Díaz

Spanish Teacher

My name is Fernando and I’m from Madrid. One of my biggest passions is languages; I speak French, Portuguese, Italian, Greek and English. I have studied them for most of my life, and my relationship with Greco-Latin and Mediterranean cultures is a huge part of my daily life. During my linguistic-cultural immersion courses in these countries I discovered that teaching was my destined career path which inspired me to become an ELE teacher. In addition to the master’s degree in teaching Spanish as a second language, I continue to train with the Instituto Cervantes (for example, to use its AVE Global virtual materials), the university, conventions…. I like to remain updated. After I had officially certifying the languages I speak with languages exams, I wanted to help others learning Spanish to prepare for the official exams in Spanish: SIELE and DELE.

Another one of my passions is art, and culture in general. In my free time I like to swim, paint, play the violin, travel, go out with friends, cultural activities of all kinds, read, enjoy the city, nature and the sea, and, of course to learn other languages and about other cultures.

Javier Asensio

Spanish Teacher

After I received my degree in philosophy from the university of Madrid and obtained my ELE certificate from the Instituto Cervantes, I decided to teach Spanish for a few years in various countries in Europe. I worked as a private teacher in Sienna, Italy as well as in Cork, Ireland, and at public schools in Vienna, Austria. To travel, live, and learn the culture and languages of other countries has always been a source of inspiration that has helped me understand, teach, and learn Spanish. Among other hobbies I enjoy reading, history and art as well as enriching conversations about daily life, life and us.

Now that I have returned to Madrid, I am waiting, at the NL College, to share my experiences and all I have learned in this time with my students. And, of course also to learn from my students!


USA & Scandinavia



Nicole works as a marketing representative and as a student advisor for the college focusing on American and Scandinavian markets. Originally from Oregon, she has spent seven years living, studying, and working in Norway and recently moved to Spain to experience a new country and learn a third language.

She now enjoys helping students come to Spain and embark on cultural and language experiences that they will cherish for the rest of their lives. Nicole studies political science as an Erasmus student on the side of work and enjoys traveling, trying new food, and spending time with friends.

Germany & The Netherlands



I am Carlotta, originally from Germany, but I’ve been studying International Communication & Media in the Netherlands for the last three years and lived in Cape Town and San Francisco before.
While doing an Erasmus semester in Madrid I fell in love with this vibrant city, its warm-hearted & easygoing people, who are always ready to help, and the Spanish joy of living.
I came here without speaking a word of Spanish myself, and was still immediately welcomed by the loving Madrilenians. Therefore I want to encourage everyone interested in learning this beautiful language to come to Madrid and experience the Spanish way of life!

At NLC I will do my best to make your transition into the new culture as smooth as possible and I am here to help you with any questions or doubts.
My passion is dancing, so if you are looking for a good class or want to know where the local dance scene meets, don’t hesitate to contact me.




Agent from Brasil department

My name is Andre Vinicius, Vini for friends. I live in Madrid for ten years. I am an aviation lover and I love travelling around the country, and the Spanish culture. In fact I came to visit Madrid and I finished staying here, the cost and the quality of life is what made me stay here. I'm currently working in Native Language College, in the department of Marketing of Brazil.
There's usually good weather in Madrid, however on winter there are some cold days, so it's perfect for ski lovers and other winter sports. I am convinced tht you will love Madrid and I will help in everything to make you feel like at home. You are welcome to Madrid.


Agent from Brasil department

I am from Aracaju, Sergipe, located on the north-east of Brazil. I find myself passionate about personal counselling. As a tourism graduate, I love traveling and discovering new places and people.
I have always worked in sales department, in the world of education. The best about working in Native Language College is being able to help other people get knowledge of a new language for them. Besides, living in Spain has always been a dream for me. I can guarantee that living in Madrid is a unique experience, being able to immerse you in this culture is just wonderful. This city welcomes everybody and makes you feel like home. I arrived Madrid one year ago as a student, and I have fell so much in love with this city, that I am not going anywhere else.
Working with Native Language College has given me the opportunity to help future students getting to live the same experiences I have been able to enjoy every day in Madrid.

Communication Department

Sandra Martínez

Communication Department

I am Sandra from Mexico.

I came to Madrid one year ago to take a master’s degree in corporate communication and digital marketing. Before graduation, I began interning at the Native Language College where I have been able to grow and develop by skills through the projects I have created here. I love working with people from different countries, so I am learning something new all the time. I am a person who believes in finding solutions, I am also someone who likes working in young, dynamic and creative environments. To come to Madrid is to come across a box full of experiences; you work you learn, but you will never lose.