About General Spanish Course

At Native Language College, we are dedicated to giving you the best possible experiencing learning Spanish and maximizing your potential; whether you are learning to further your career, to develop your own personal skill-set or to travel the Spanish-speaking world with confidence.

Our intensive course is developed for those of you who are really committed to learn Spanish and immerse themselves in Spanish life. You will not only learn the Spanish language, but learn the Spanish way of life as well. Our school is located in the heart of the city in Madrid at Kilometer Zero in Spain (the center most part of the country) and is surrounded by many shops, restaurant, and other cultural wonders. Living in Madrid is an amazing place not only learn Spanish but to travel to other cities in the country, Portugal and France. Since Madrid in the center of the country almost every other city in Spain is just a 3 hour bus ride away so its perfect for weekend trips!

Native Language College offers many different kinds of programs including Spanish courses at all levels with flexible starting dates (every Monday). We offer free enrollment, free placement tests, and a free end-course certificate. All of our classes can be combined with other programs like service learning, or au pairing.


  • Through our learning platforms, you will be able to develop all your language skills: reading, writing, speaking, and listening, as well as gaining the ability to apply these skills in various contexts. Check out our enriching extra curricular activities that are included in all courses.
  • This course will enable you to reach your personal language goals such as attaining a SIELE certification (the international evaluation certificate of the Spanish language). A SIELE certification is not only useful when applying to jobs in the future, but it is also a requirement for acceptance to undergraduate and master’s programs at Spanish universities. You can read more about SIELE here.
    *The Native Language College is an officially accredited SIELE exam center

Course Details:

  • Classes: 15h + 5 hours per week
  • Classes duration: 3 hours per day plus any additional extra curricular activities
  • Small groups of 8-12
  • Levels: A1-A2-B1-B2-C1
  • Starts: Any Monday
  • Minimum Age: 17
  • *Due to that fact that  Native Language College is an accredited center by SIELE, you can take their exam in our college.
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